How has Computer Technology Affected our Lives?

shutterstock_148264253Using a computer to write about computers is like searching for ‘Google’ on Google! Computer technology is so much a part of our lives, that we cannot imagine a life without it. Computers serve as efficient data storage systems and excellent information processors. They can store, organize and manage huge amounts of data. Moreover, they operate on incomparable speeds, thus saving human time and effort to a large extent. True, they are an integral part of our lives. It is said that inventions change the way we live. Computer technology is a classic example of this adage. It has indeed changed our way of living.

Computer technology that is in daily use today finds its roots in the oldest computing systems like Abacus and slide rules. The evolution of computers can be traced back to calculators and punched cards, which were some of the earliest computing devices. Analog computing devices evolved into digital information processors and from then on, there was no looking back! For a closer look at the major events in the computer history and learn more about computers, you must go through to get support services.

Role Of The Computer In The Changing Technology

TechnologyPeople are living luxurious lives because of the advancement of the technology. With every passing day, technology is changing and advancing to help people living a normal and luxurious life. The computer is one thing that has made the world of technology booming throughout the globe. With the rapid change of technology, every day there are new gadgets launching. Even in the computer, every passing day, there is something new whether in software or hardware, experts are keeping the pace of finding new technology to ease our lives.

In twenty fist century computer has been the biggest revolution of all technical advancement. Today by just one click, people are accessing data in seconds. Compare to few decades back, today the everything is so easy. Because of the computer, we stay at home to shop, to access information, to study, to have fun, and so on. Moreover, the technology of computer has really benefited to our lives by making sharing information easy, making the communication easier and faster.


For instance, the field of education is hugely inspired by the computer. Because of computer, there are plenty of gadgets and programs that can be used in the education system to help learners to study any topic. Today, students can easily go online and search any topic to study them and find a new set of information that is not in the book. By the help of computers, today’s education system is far better than past and very convenient for the learners.


Computer technology is not only helping students learn their subjects, but it also helps the health care sector to improve different services. Because of the computer, today we diagnose different diseases easily. The field of medicine is hugely influenced by today’s technology. Computer also help researchers to complete their research.


Not just in education, and health sector, the advancement of technology because of the computer helps the community to reduce crime and prevent law violation. With the help of the computer, today governments can easily track down criminals and put them behind the bars. Today things that were supposed to be arduous in the past, are easy today because of computer and latest technology.


Human brains contain lots of information but computer brains can contain a huge amount of data compared to human brains. Storage of more data in one place means it will help the user to maneuver data easily and it will also help in to take effective decisions. These stored data can shred easily and process fast. Even the storage cost is very less.

Pros and Cons of the Advancement in Technology new millennium has truly created a big mark and an impact to the lives of many people. This is the point wherein the world has become more advanced when it comes to the production of goods and services, the point where technology has brought convenience and ease of mind. Let us all face, without these newly developed technologies, life will sure be hard, tasks will not be completed with just a snap of the finger and things will have to be done manually.

Before, our ancestors have survived doing things on their own. But right now, it is doubtful that an individual can do his tasks with his own bare hands. It is simply amazing how our ancestors managed to live on their own but still, they have served as an inspiration to all of the people to never give up and to always strive hard to survive. Though there were no technologies before, they used natural resources to aid them with their activities of daily living. What they have discovered were just developed by the generations that have passed by. Their ideas were utilized well and have contributed towards the development of a better world.

The development especially the production of different high end technologies such as the cellular phones, televisions, computers, appliances, cars and a whole lot more is as fast as the effects of the most powerful stun gun. Developers or manufacturers are making more and more technologies every single day just to provide and meet the demands of all the people.

But has the world become better with the breakthrough of technologies? It is hard to take sides but we will learn the different advantages and disadvantages that technology offered. One common disadvantage that we all have noticed or probably have already developed inside of us is that we have become so dependent on the different technologies. Things that can still be done with bare hands have been forgotten. What could have been easy to do by the self have been covered by being too dependent. It makes people lazy and this can affect the social aspect of an individual.

There are some countries that still belong to the third world country which means that the advancement of technology has not yet being introduced and thus greatly affects the growth of their economy as compared to those well developed countries. The academic performance of an individual may be affected as well due to the different forms of video games or online games.